Kim Catanzano

Board Member: Executive Director

My name is Kim Catanzano, Executive Director for the Contra Costa Youth Service Bureau.  I am thrilled to have joined the CCYSB family in January 2020.  This position has come to me as an answer to many prayers to be placed exactly where I am needed using my leadership and social work skills.  I had no idea that I would be placed here at CCYSB at the onset of a pandemic, but I can see exactly why I came to such an amazing staff.  In my year and a half that I have been here I’ve watched staff keep up with their pace of caring for families now more than ever’ providing a listening ear, adapting skill sets to address educational and economic gaps, and always ensuring that our families have basic needs met.   I am in gratitude to take leadership amongst such work.

Prior to this opportunity I worked for 11 years as a Program Director for a Wraparound Program providing direction and support to a program in service to children and families involved with both the probation and foster care systems. While I have been grateful to manage and supervise programs, I realize that my work is always informed by my individual work with children and their families in group homes, homeless shelters, schools, homes, and other community settings.  I carry with me countless stories of individuals persevering against unimaginable odds and every time finding a way.  I have been blessed to be the ear to listen, the advocate, the connection to a needed resource and often the one changed and impacted by the strength in the people who have allowed me to walk with them.  I always have more to learn and I can always offer more than I imagine.

As a Social Worker of 25 years and a Mother for the best 10 of my life I have learned to stretch my patience, love through it all and humble myself to rely on family and community for growth. I am blessed to be in a work environment I love and with family who supports this choice. I hope that my work at CCYSB will pass on the lessons of my elders and make for a better tomorrow for all of our children.