Family Enhancement Collaborative (Kinship Mentoring Program) – Serves West Contra Costa County Only

The Kinship Care Program supports the concept of the extended family as the First Foster Care option for children who have been displaced from their natural parents. Many children enter the Foster Care System because relatives are unable to care for them due to their physical, emotional or financial needs. Our Kinship Program delivers helpful services to relative caregivers that address the families’ and children’s needs and enable them to care for their children in their own communities.

Our program services include case management, in-home support, family activities, field trips, Kinship mentors, support groups, respite care, and much more. Our programs are individually tailored to help each family succeed in caring for their children.

The Family Enhancement Collaborative has been providing Kinship Services to families across West Contra Costa County since 1995. This helpful collaborative is composed of the Youth Service Bureau, Contra Costa County Employment & Human Services, Family Stress Center, and EMQ FamiliesFirst.