Early Periodic Screening & Diagnostic Testing Wraparound Services – Available to All Areas in Contra Costa County

Our Wraparound Services are available to children and youths in Contra Costa County who suffer from mental health issues and disabilities, and who have Full Scope Medi-Cal. Our services range from helping those under the County Probation Department to those who have suffered from abuse or neglect. We have several programs centering around mental health services so your family can receive the proper help and treatments based off of your needs and location in Contra Costa County.

The driving focus of Wraparound is the coordination of mental health, education, welfare, juvenile justice, and other social services into a network to meet the individual needs of children with emotional and behavioral disturbances. This family-centered and strength-based process consists of building a team with the family, natural support providers (such as friends and relatives), professionals from schools, mental health agencies, social services, community organizations, and others to develop comprehensive plans that blend perspectives and the family goals.

For more information on our many programs under Early Periodic Screening and Diagnostic Testing Wraparound Services, please contact us today to see how we can help improve you and your child’s quality of life.