Contra Costa Youth Service Bureau

The Contra Costa Youth Service Bureau was founded in 1984 by African American activists to address systemic causes of violence for Richmond youth. Our focus was serving the historically marginalized, primarily African American community of North Richmond.

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Closing the youth wellness Gap

CCYSB services promote mental health and wellbeing. Our program offerings include academic achievement, youth mentorship, truancy prevention, and direct response.

Building Community

Since our beginnings, CCYSB has become a regional organization. It is the only African American and Latinx-led, community-based agency in Contra Costa County.

Changing Lives

Our programs aid eligible children youth, and low-income families. Join us to help all children, youth and families have the opportunity to thrive in Richmond.

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Taalia Hasan

International Women’s Day (IWD) is an essential global celebration of women’s social, economic, cultural, and political achievements and contributions.

CCYSB would like to acknowledge Ms. Taalia Hasan’s significant contributions to mark this day. She founded CCYSB and is the driving force behind many of the programs we offer to our communities in the County and the nation.

One of the children pictured with Ms. Hasan is our Administrative Operations Manager, Taalia Yates. She keeps the engine and the operations of CCYSB running smoothly.

Thank you for all you do, Taalia! ❤

Special thanks to Mr. Shaw for writing beautiful words about Ms. Hasan’s work.

“Ms. Taalia Hasan, the Contra Costa Youth Service Bureau founder, has been a tireless advocate for improving the quality of life for youth and families in Contra Costa County for over 40 years. She started as an employee with the Children’s Council for West County. In 1984, Ms. Hasan (along with some other concerned citizens) created the then “Youth Service Bureau.” “The Bureau” was formed to address the systemic causes of youth violence and its impact on the community.

As Executive Director of CCYSB, Ms. Hasan developed programs to support youth and their families related to educational issues, mental health issues, and overall community improvement. Ms. Hasan was a pioneer in recognizing the multiple challenges facing the community and presented a holistic and collaborative approach to solving the challenges. The philosophy of “The Bureau,” established by Ms. Hasan, addresses the needs of children and families to improve their quality of life.

Throughout the years, the practices at “The Bureau” have been duplicated nationally and is the prototype for Wraparound Services and the SafeFutures Project. Under Ms. Hasan’s leadership, “The Bureau” has grown from a bungalow at Riverside Elementary School (in West Contra Costa County) to multiple offices throughout the entire Contra Costa County.  Ms. Taalia Hasan has been a great example of what a caring and productive community servant can be. Her legacy is her positive impact on many lives in Contra Costa County and the nation. Ms. Hasan is now retired and enjoys time with her family and loved ones.” -Mr. Ronald Shaw, Restorative Youth Justice Program Manager at CCYSB.

To learn more about International Women’s Day and this year’s theme, #EmbraceEquity, visit the IWD website.