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CCYSB is Richmond’s leading youth advocate

CCYSB programs are designed to give the Richmond community a true voice. We tackle longstanding gaps in services by working together with like-minded organizations.


As a family services provider, CCYSB offers unidentified and underserved populations a chance to thrive.


We were formally established as a nonprofit organization in 1985. Inter-agency collaboration continues to be our guiding principle.

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CCYSB collaborates with the following wraparound service providers:
  • West County Community Collaborative
  • West Contra Costa Unified School District Collaborative
  • Mentally Ill Offender Reduction Program
  • Children, Youth and Family in Transition
  • EPSDT Community Partnership (formerly known as Building Blocks for Kids).
Early Periodic Screening & Diagnostic Testing Wraparound Services Available to All Areas in Contra Costa County Our Wraparound Services are available to children and youth in Contra Costa County who suffer from mental health issues and disabilities, and who have Full Scope Medi-Cal. Our services range from helping those under the County Probation Department to thosewho have suffered from abuse or neglect. We have several programs centered around mental health services so your family can receive the proper help and treatments based off of your needs and location in Contra Costa County. The driving focus of the wraparound is the coordination of mental health, education, welfare, juvenile justice, and other social services into a network to meet the individual needs of children with emotional and behavioral disturbances. This family-centered and strength-based process consists of building a team with the family, natural support providers (such as friends and relatives), professionals from schools, mental health agencies, social services, community organizations, and others to develop comprehensive plans that blend perspectives and the family goals. For more information on our many programs under Early Periodic Screening and Diagnostic Testing Wraparound Services, please contact us today to see how we can help improve you and your child’s quality of life.

Kinship serves relative caregivers who have custody of minor children due to their birth parent’s absence.

The program offers case management, group/family activities, respite care, transportation support, support groups, tutoring, independent living skills (ILSP), Girl Scouts, Teen Girls Group and other support services to the children and their caregivers.

Family Enhancement Collaborative (Kinship Mentoring Program)

Serving West Contra Costa County OnlyThe Kinship Care Program supports the concept of theextended family as the First Foster Care option for children who have been displaced from their natural parents. Many children enter the Foster Care System because relatives are unable to care for them due to their physical, emotional or financial needs. Our Kinship Program delivers helpful services to relative caregivers that address the families’ and children’s needs and enable them to care for their children in their own communities.

Our program services include case management, in-home support, familyactivities, field trips, Kinship mentors, support groups, respite care, and much more. Our programs are individually tailored to help each family succeed in caring for their children.

The Family Enhancement Collaborative has been providing Kinship Services to families across West Contra Costa County since 1995. This helpful collaborative is composed of the Youth Service Bureau, Contra Costa County Employment & Human Services, Family Stress Center, and Uplift Family Services.

A direct service delivery partnership between the West Contra Costa Youth Service Bureau and Contra Costa County Children and Family Services (CFS).

Our mission is to respond to the needs of children and families that have had a report of neglect or abuse to CFS, but would be better served in their own community by trained case managers.

Serving West Contra Costa County Only

The Youth Service Bureau and Family Services have partnered to provide direct services to children and families who have received areport of abuse or neglect. Supervised by a licensed clinician, this early intervention by Child and Family Services (CFS) social workers is designed to serve families in their own community. The Differential Response Program provides case management services for families who are experiencing multiple stressors such as domestic violence, substance abuse and mental health issues, which impact the guardians’ ability to parent effectively.

The introduction to Differential Response has been driven by the desire to be more flexible in responding to abuse and neglect. Engaging parents to use services that address their specific needs has been found more beneficial in keeping children at home with their biological parents; understanding the family’s issues that lie beneath maltreatment reports are crucial to the success and happiness of a healthy family.

Comprehensive case management, on-going needs assessments, home and school visits, advocacy, and referral services are all provided by trained Case Managers. Follow-up services are offered after each case is closed with a goal of insuring no further contact with CFS.

Non-Medi-Cal Richmond Fund for Children and Youth Grant

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We are here to serve you and your family and to ensure that your loved one’s process of community-focused rehabilitation is receiving the utmost care and support. 


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