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CCYSB is Richmond’s leading youth advocate

CCYSB programs are designed to give the Richmond community a true voice. We tackle longstanding gaps in services by working together with like-minded organizations.

Family First – As a family services provider, CCYSB offers unidentified and underserved populations a chance to thrive.

Community-Led – We were formally established as a nonprofit organization in 1985. Inter-agency collaboration continues to be our guiding principle.

Program Applications

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The Contra Costa Youth Service Bureau Community Wraparound services is for Medical eligible children and youth of Contra Costa County ages 5 to 21 and their families.  Also know as (EPSDT).  Wraparound is commonly described as person-centered, comprehensive model of care designed to support individuals with mental health and/or behavioral support needs in the home, their school and community. In the Wraparound process, a team of people who are relevant to the life of the child or youth (e.g., family members, members of the family’s social support network, service providers, community and or agency representatives) collaboratively develop an individualized plan of care, implement this plan, monitor the efficacy of the plan, and work towards success over time. A hallmark of the Wraparound process is that it is driven by the perspectives of the family and the child or youth. The four phases and activities take place across: Engagement and Team Preparation, Initial Plan Development, Implementation, and Transition and provided with a trained facilitator helping the family in identifying their strengths through the guiding ten principles of the Wraparound process. The team Wraparound plan typically includes formal services, including research-based interventions as appropriate to building skills and meeting youth and family needs together with community services and interpersonal support and assistance provided by friends, kin, and other people drawn from the family’s social networks. After the plan is developed, the team continues to meet often enough to monitor progress, which it does by measuring the plan’s components, interventions and strategies or problem list are revised when the team determines that they are not working, i.e., when the relevant indicators of success are not being achieved. For more information, see the NWI document that describes the phases and activities of Wraparound, or the User’s Guide to Wraparound, (Spanish version) which presents a description of the process in simple terms for families or system partners.  

CCYSB offers participant-directed services with flexibility to support consumers and their families through grant funded programming and donations within the County of Contra Costa through a high degree of collaboration and coordination among child and family-serving agencies and organizations that work together to provide access to flexible resources and a well-developed array of services and supports in the community. Embodied within community-partnerships, collaborative action, fiscal policies and sustainability, access to needed supports and services, these services from our Foster/Kinship Care Education Program & Contra Costa Community College, Differential Response CCC (Employment and Human Services Department), West County Youth Reinvestment Initiative, Early Childhood Mental Health, Youth Opportunity Scholarships (YOS), and the City of Richmond Fund for Children and Youth, Rosie Riveter Corps, and donations that allows us to serve non-medical, undocumented and immigrants families with case management, respite, transportation, economic employment training, referrals and navigation access to community services.    

Donations are needed to support and assist our Foster/Transitional Aged Youth (TAY) with clothing, food, educational supplies, tutoring, mentoring, housing, employment training & placement and gifts for the holidays for youth ages 13 to 21 years of age.


Kinship serves relative caregivers who have custody of minor children due to their birth parent’s absence.

The program offers case management, group/family activities, respite care, transportation support, support groups, tutoring, independent living skills (ILSP), Girl Scouts, Teen Girls Group and other support services to the children and their caregivers.

Family Enhancement Collaborative (Kinship Mentoring Program)

Serving West Contra Costa County Only
The Kinship Care Program supports the concept of the extended family as the First Foster Care option for children who have been displaced from their natural parents. Many children enter the Foster Care System because relatives are unable to care for them due to their physical, emotional or financial needs. Our Kinship Program delivers helpful services to relative caregivers that address the families’ and children’s needs and enable them to care for their children in their own communities.

Our program services include case management, in-home support, family activities, field trips, Kinship mentors, support groups, respite care, and much more. Our programs are individually tailored to help each family succeed in caring for their children.

The Family Enhancement Collaborative has been providing Kinship Services to families across West Contra Costa County since 1995. This helpful collaborative is composed of the Youth Service Bureau, Contra Costa County Employment & Human Services, Family Stress Center, and Uplift Family Services.

Differential Response

A direct service delivery partnership between the West Contra Costa Youth Service Bureau and Contra Costa County Children and Family Services (CFS).

Our mission is to respond to the needs of children and families that have had a report of neglect or abuse to CFS, but would be better served in their own community by trained case managers.

Serving West Contra Costa County Only.

The Youth Service Bureau and Family Services have partnered to provide direct services to children and families who have received a report of abuse or neglect. Supervised by a licensed clinician, this early intervention by Child and Family Services (CFS) social workers is designed to serve families in their own community. The Differential Response Program provides case management services for families who are experiencing multiple stressors such as domestic violence, substance abuse and mental health issues, which impact the guardians’ ability to parent effectively.

The introduction to Differential Response has been driven by the desire to be more flexible in responding to abuse and neglect. Engaging parents to use services that address their specific needs has been found more beneficial in keeping children at home with their biological parents; understanding the family’s issues that lie beneath maltreatment reports are crucial to the success and happiness of a healthy family.

Comprehensive case management, on-going needs assessments, home and school visits, advocacy, and referral services are all provided by trained Case Managers. Follow-up services are offered after each case is closed with a goal of insuring no further contact with CFS.

Non-Medi-Cal Richmond Fund for Children and Youth Grant

The West Contra Costa Youth Services Bureau has been a faithful and vital partner in the Mission of Today’s Youth Matter. Leading together we are working to change the life trajectory of youth and families instilling resilience and support. As a result, they can overcome challenges and experience a life of hope and thriving to rise above and act boldly in the face of adversity.

Billy Coleman
Executive Director, Today’s Youth Matter

Foster Family Network, Contra Costa County’s local chapter of the CA State Foster Parent Association, enjoys collaborating with Contra Costa Youth Service Bureau Kinship Services Program in our county, so all caregivers of our most vulnerable children feel appreciated and supported. The dedication and service all caregivers provide will determine the future of our children.

Nancy DeWeese
President, Foster Family Network, Contra Costa

In collaborating with the Contra Costa Youth Service Bureau as a faith-based partner for over 20+ years, we have gone beyond the walls and into the community in offering a wide variety of human and material resources that have proven to be invaluable in assisting children and their families with holiday food boxes, coats, school supplies, and life skills workshops. We will continue to partner with Contra Costa Youth Service Bureau to deliver services that are critical for the well-being of our community.

Ms. Jacquelyn Turner, President and Ms. Deloris Washington, Vice President
Davis Chapel C.M.E Church Women’s Missionary Society