Lakeshia White headshot

Lakeshia White

Wraparound Family Facilitator

My name is Lakeshia White. I have been with the Contra Costa Youth Service Bureau 10 years. I began working as a Family Partner and was promoted to a Facilitator position where I have managed to provide Wraparound services to children and their families. Growing up I could never picture myself doing anything but working with children. I came from a large family and have experienced highs and lows which contributed to my desire to serve my community and give back. Over the course of working at the bureau I have received rewards for my outstanding work ethics and I am truly grateful for my accomplishments. I succeed at working with a team as much as I enjoy mutually sharing creative ideas that will support families during the Wraparound process. Additionally, I am enthusiastic and passionate about my role at the CCYSB. I have kept a keen interest in my position and will continue to thrive to assist families in getting their needs met. I am confident about my driven ability to make a difference in the lives of others.